970 Elite Training

Individual Training Session

970 Elite individual training sessions last for one and a half to  two hours. Elite coaches will take athletes through physically and mentally challenging training sessions. Athletes will be exposed to today’s top basketball skill development. Coaches will evaluate athletes and introduce them to skills appropriate to the athletes current basketball skill level. 


Athletes can request skill specific training focused on the following skills: 

  • Shooting 

  • Dribbling

  • Passing

  • Live Ball moves  


Athletes can request a training session that involves a combination of work on ALL skills.

Individual Shooting Session

Elite shooting session’s focus on shooting form and mechanics. Coaches will breakdown the athlete’s shooting form and transform their mechanics if needed. Athlete’s can expect a lot of shooting repetition with guidance from Elite shooting coaches.

Group Training Session

Four to Ten Athletes 


Group training allows for coaches to put the athletes into game like situations; pick and roll, reading screens, offensive spacing/movement, transition situation(s), etc. 

  • 2 v 2

  • 3 v 3 

  • 4 v 4

  • 5 v 5


Participants will receive skill work during the training session. 


Training Session Breakdown


Individual Skill Work - 30 minutes

Group Skill Work - 30 minutes

Live Game Situation(s) - 60 minutes

Long Term Progress Training

Long-Term Progress Training focuses on the athlete making big strides in their overall game over an extended period of time. Long-Term Progress Training allows for the coaches to break down the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses and build a plan to attack the athletes weaknesses. Long - Term Progress Training fosters a higher commitment to the athlete’s growth as a basketball player and person. 


Long Term training ensures “long term” commitment from both the athlete and coach. 


The Process


- 3 month or 6 month plan

=> One Individual Skill Development Session per week 

  • Athletes will be given skill development drills to work on their own at home between workouts. 

=> Player Profile 

=> Goal and Athlete Mindset Training (Only part of Long Term Training Packages) 



First time athletes will be evaluated during their first training sessions. 970 Elite coaches will build a player profile based on the evaluation. Coaches and athletes will then create a plan to attack the weaknesses of the athlete's game. 

* Coming Soon: Long Term Progress Training will be offered beginning in the spring of 2020


"Coach Micheal Vandal and Coach Kelly Meek are the two best coaches I have ever played for. They took my game from being mediocre and trained me into the D2 athlete I am today. They are some of the most dedicated people I have ever met and have a true love for the game. On and off the court I can not say enough good things about these coaches."


Mac Riniker

- 4A Western Slope First Team All League (2017, 18, 19) 

- 4A Western Slope League Player of the Year (2019) 

- 4A First Team All State (2019) 

- Steamboat Springs High School 

- Current Freshman at Colorado Mesa University (Division II, Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference)