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Club Organizations

Through the Club Organization Partnership program, competitive club basketball program(s) can benefit from the basketball knowledge of 970 ELITE coaching and guidance. 970 Hoops aims to support the growth and development of youth basketball across the western slope of Colorado.

Each competitive team will receive one 970 Elite skill development practice, run by 970 Elite coaches, per week throughout the duration of the season.

Positive Athletic Mindset and Goal Setting 

Practice sessions will focus primarily on the following areas:

  • Shooting

  • Passing

  • Dribbling

  • Live ball moves (perimeter and post)

  • Live game situational breakdown (perimeter and post)

    • Pick and Roll, draw and kick, post to perimeter, etc.

  • Defensive Principles


Team coaches can guide the 970 Elite Coaches on what skills and areas of development they would like to see focused on based on the teams overall strengths and weaknesses.


Each practice session will last two hours.  

970 Hoops is proud to be partnering with High Altitude Basketball for the 2019/20 competitive season. 

High School and Middle School Program(s)

Through the Partnership program 970 ELITE coaches will work with any high school or middle school program. At the direction of the head coach, 970 Elite coaches can cover an array of basketball skills and concepts. 

Skill Development 

  • Shooting

  • Passing 

  • Dribbling

  • Live Ball Moves

Live Game Situational Work

  • Offensive Spacing/Movement

  • Defensive Concepts 

  • Transition (Offensive and Defensive) 

Positive Athletic Mindset and Goal Setting 

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